Internship Information

The Internship Program at USU Eastern is campus-wide. It may provide career development assistance to students in the following divisions and fields of study: Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

Benefits to the students include: increased motivation, responsibility, and financial support; more rapid skill development; specific preparation for employment in a career of their choice; employer environment that cannot be provided in the classroom; improved career decision making; help in bridging the gap between college and work; the application of classroom learning; the establishment of good work habits and attitudes; and a broadened understanding of human relation and leadership development.

If you have any questions about our program or the application process, please feel free to contact:
Internship Coordinator, Stacy Abbott at or (435)613-5441 or
Academic Adviser, Lyndsay Reid at or (435) 613-5311.


Internship Application

If you would like to be considered for an internship, please take a few minutes to complete this internship application form.

Internship Workbook